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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soccer ball cake for Oman

Is it soccer season already? Another challenge for me. First time trying a dome shaped cake. I made a soccer ball shaped cake for Nuuril's son. The background is the goal post...isn't it cute? Winky 2

I think it would be an interesting idea to have 2 flavored cake together. So, the base is butter vanilla cake and the ball is moist chocolate cake. Baked, assembled, frosted and decorated it with buttercream. I'm liking the details for the Soccer Ball and the grass. Tips that I got from a friend to get real black buttercream worked great. Thanks Waheeda! It's as simple as cocoa powder and black food colouring, of course.

Enjoy the cake Nuuril and Happy Birthday Oman!


  1. Thank you Hana for make it real!!!
    And the taste was totally sedap!!!!
    Teruja giler masa tgk the cake for the first time. Cantik!!
    Good Job dear. Next time Nuurill order lagi. yey!! :)

  2. My pleasure. Glad that you like it :)

  3. Hi Ana..
    the cake was superb cool..taste pun mesti yumyum kan..
    nanti boley order for my son 2nd b'day..:)

  4. Really like this one :). Cool!!!
    - Kak Azah -

  5. thanks kak azah...my 1st dome cake turned out puurrfect :D