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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chocolate Indulgence Cake


Are you a big fan of chocolate? New cake menu for Heavenly-Slice...it's Chocolate Indulgence Cake. This is a chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Yup..I said it all..CHOCOLATE. A very rich and creamy cake. Try a slice and close your eyes to enjoy the taste...heavenly!!

Check out how it looks inside...

Black forest cake - Donald Duck theme

This is a black forest cake with Donald Duck theme. Chocolate cake layered with cherries and topped with whipped cream. Oh...not to forget some chocolate shavings on the sides to complete the cake. I'm guessing Azrina's husband likes this character, so I made it using piping jelly as requested.

Thanks for the order Azrina! Hope your husband likes it too :D

Experimenting - More Chocolates


I have some left over chocolates from making the Oreo Chocolate. So I tried some pretty little chocolates with fillings. I played around with some nuts, ganache and jam. Not bad huh? Hehe...

Experimenting - Oreo Chocolate

My brother is getting married this year. I am thinking what would be the best door gift as the wedding favors. I tried making Oreo chocolate and it turn out great..yeay! 

I take orders for chocolates now as well :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I take this opportunity to wish all my chinese friends Happy Chinese New Year! This time my greeting cards has a picture of my cupcakes.Yeay!

I have some leftover from my carrot cakes order. So decided to decorate them with a little fire crackers and oranges :D

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Cupcakes for Aqiqah - Boy

Cupcakes for Aqiqah, ordered by Rash. Cupcakes are mixed flavour; butter vanilla and chocolate . Decorated with buttercream featuring baby stuff like baby booties, baby bottles, pacifiers, napkin safety pin, bips, rompers and many more. These cupcakes are individually packed.

Thanks for the order!

Bob the Builder theme - cake and cupcakes


Ordered by Aleena, for her son's birthday party. She asked for Bob the Builder theme. The cake is Moist Chocolate cake with ganache filling, decorated with buttercream and pipng jelly. The cupcakes are butter vanilla flavour, decorated with buttercream and also piping jelly. 

Thanks for the order!
Happy Birthday Afiq!

Moist Chocolate cake - Thomas & friends

Ordered by Anne for her son's birthday. The theme is Thomas & friends. It is a Moist Chocolate Cake with ganache, decorated with edible image.

Happy birthday Imran!

Cupcakes - Simpsons Family stuff

Chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream deco. The theme is Simpsons. It's pretty hard to do the characters because of the limited surface, so I did the stuff that represent the characters.

Doughnut - Homer,
Red necklace - Marge
Skateboard - Bart
Saxophone - Lisa
Pacifier - Maggie

Happy birthday Qistina!

Cupcakes - Cats

Chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream deco. The theme is Cats. I have some cats, paws, fish bones and thread balls.

Chocolate macarons

Another round of macarons. It's chocolate macarons with ganache filling. Slightly different look from last time, the shells is dusted with cocoa powder instead of blending in with the almond.

Thanks Fiza for the order. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Double chocolate chip cookies

It's Chinese New Year! Some of my gym-mates ordered Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Thanks for the order Kak Sharifah, Susan and Cat...Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Cupcakes - Hydrangea flowers

Chocolate moist cupcakes with ganache filling, decorated with buttercream. Made some with Hydrangea  flowers, some with cage and some with white branches.

Thanks Diana for the order!

Cupcakes - Swirl and colours!

Chocolate moist cupcakes with ganache filling, decorated with buttercream. I played with swirl technique and colours.

Thanks Diana for the order!

Experimenting - Oreo Cheese cupcakes

It's a second round of experimenting with Oreo cookies. This time I use cream cheese together with the all time favorite cookie. It's Oreo Cheese cupcakes. Basically it tastes like Oreo cheesecake, but it is smaller size.

Wonder how it looks like inside? Check out the cupcake post mortem.  I love love love them!

Baby blue theme - engagement cake

Another order by Cikgu Hanim for hantaran. It's a carrot cake with cream cheese filling, decorated with fondant. Theme colour is baby blue.

Mini orange cupcakes for wedding favors

Mini orange cupcakes for wedding favors. Decorated with colourful little hearts to enhance the cuteness of this mini cupcakes. Ordered by Cikgu Hanim for her son's wedding.

Butter cake with Strawberry filling - HotWheels theme


Ordered by Kak Rozaki for her nephew, Ziyad. He loves HotWheels very much. It is a butter cake with strawberry filling, decorated with strawberry buttercream and edible image.

Thanks kak Rozaki for ordering!

Happy birthday Ziyad!