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Monday, August 1, 2011

Chocolate Cheese Cake

An order from a protonian, Tim for a farewell party. It's chocolate cheese cake. Simple deco with ganache on top and whipped cream border.

Thanks Tim!

Moist Chocolate cake: Ultraman theme for Iman

Kak Ita ordered a moist choc cake with edible image of Ultraman. Simple deco for borders using buttercream. Glad the family enjoys it!

Iman: Mama, jgn potong otoman Iman..

Comel je, Iman. Happy birthday! Thanks Kak Ita.

Oreo chocolate for wedding doorgift: Faizal & Diana

It's my brother's wedding and I'm making the Oreo chocolate for the wedding doorgift. The royal icing flower deco is self made. The idea came from frangipani flower or more known as bunga kemboja.

 This is how it looks after assembled to the Oreo chocolates.


Once dry, the chocolates then are covered and tied with ribbon bows. Tadaa!

The happy couple, Faizal & Diana. Congrats guys!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black forest cake - Boss's birthday

Happy birthday boss!
Thanks Kak Zu for the Black forest cake order!

Oreo chocolate - hantaran tunang

Oreo chocolates for my cousin's engagement.
Congrats Fairuz!

Praline chocolates for hantaran

Made some praline chocolate with ganache filling. This is for my brother's hantaran. The idea to deco with the hearts suddenly hit me when I was driving back home one day.

Black forest cake - for anniversary

Another order from Ju for Black forest cake.
Glad you guys like it. Thanks!

Cupcakes - Butterfly and flowers



This is on order from Fauzi. He ordered moist chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling. Since this is for a girl, I decided to come up with "sweet" theme. Using buttercream as deco medium, I made butterfly, leaves and forget-me-not flowers. Personally, I love how it turns out...and so it the customer :D

Moist Chocolate cake for hantaran

Another moist chocolate cake with buttercream roses as deco.
Thanks Fairoze!

Red velvet cupcakes

 Thanks Kak Intan for the Red velvet cupcakes order!

Cupcakes - Forget-me-not flowers

Another order from colleague. It's chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling inside. Decorated with buttercream.

Thanks Kak Zu!

Strawberry-Butter vanilla cupcake

An ordered from a colleague in Proton.It's a butter vanilla cupcake with strawberry fillings and fresh strawberries on top. Got thumbs up for this :D

Thanks Farah and Dzetty! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cupcakes for Aqiqah - girl

Order from Shikin for her daughter's Aqiqah. These are orange cupcakes with orange buttercream. Her theme for the function is pink and purple. Referring to the previous Aqiqah (boy) order, I added a few more designs. I had a great time decorating coz I like the colours...it's just so sweet :)

Thanks Shikin for the order :)

Moist Chocolate cake for Zaffran

Yana was going to let her 2-year old son celebrate his birthday at his day school with teachers and friends. She ordered a moist chocolate cake again, but this time with fresh cream topping. She had design the cake and my job is to make it real.

Thanks Yana for the order and happy birthday Zaffran!

Experimenting - Red Velvet cupcakes

It's another weekend without any plans. I decided to finally try baking the famous red velvet cupcakes or some call it RV cuppies nowadays :D I have been searching for the best recipe to avoid using so much of red food colouring. I found one and decided to try with the beet juice.

The results is amazing, but of course not as red as for the one using a bottle of red food colouring. With cream cheese on top...heavenly yummy! Bring some for my colleagues...they looove it!

On the sides are the chocolate chip cookies, which I also made out of bored haha...

Oreo chocolate packaging

There is 2 types of packaging for the Oreo chocolates that you may choose from:

1. Hard round container
2. Soft square container (with gold base)

You may also choose any ribbon colour to suit your theme of functions.

Oreo chocolate for doorgift

This is Oreo Chocolates ordered by Anne as doorgifts for her house warming. The theme is purple, hence the chocolates are decorated with purple royal icing flowers.

Thanks for the order Anne!

Chocolate Cheese Cake

An order for Kak Elin, my new colleague. This is a chocolate cheese cake (baked), topped with chocolate ganache.

Thanks for the order Kak Elin ! :)

Chocolates with various nuts

I made some chocolates as a nice gesture for my future SIL.This is dark chocolate filled with cashew, almond and also raisins. I am glad she liked it :D

Black forest cake & peanut butter chocolate cake

This is another order from my ex-colleagues. Ju ordered black forest cake for engangement and Huspa ordered peanut butter chocolate cake for birthday.

Thanks guys for the order!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Experimenting - Cookie dough muffin

Is it a cookie? Is it a muffin? Well...it's the Cookie Dough muffin. It happened by accident but turned out delicious! Normally I altered a recipe to reduce sweetness, to get right consistency and etc. This time however, I turned my chocolate chip cookies into muffins!

Experimenting - Cake balls

Last time I tried cake pops. This time I made cake balls. Felt like experimenting since I have some left over cakes. Not so perfect yet coz somehow the chocolate coating cracked. That's the reason I had to drizzle some chocolate on top...will have to figure out how to overcome it.

Black forest cake - hantaran tunang

Made a Black forest cake for my brother's engagement as one of the gift from our side. It's a 3-layer chocolate cake filled with dark cherries. Assembled and iced with fresh cream and covered with lots of chocolate shavings. A couple of red cherries as finishing touch for the cake.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hantaran tunang with pink ribbon

This is a design that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Kak Siti requested a chocolate cake with ribbon and the colour choices are light pink, light blue and white. 

I decided to have light blue base and light pink ribbon. As for the white, some simple deco all over the cake. It's my first time trying to make a ribbon. Overall kinda challenging but mission accomplished...of course. I received a lot of positive comments and most importantly Kak Siti likes it :D The cake travels to Johor for his son's engagement.

Thanks for the order Kak Siti!