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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sponge cake layered with peaches and fresh cream

Normally fresh cream goes well with light cakes. So, here's a new menu using the fresh cream - Sponge cake layered with peaches and fresh cream.

A wonderful double layer sponge cake made with canned peaches and fresh cream. Each layer is drizzled with the peach syrup. The layers absorb it nicely and makes it moist. You can taste the slight sourness of the peaches in between the layers. Always keep it refrigerated and eat it cool..heavenly...

If you're not a fan of sponge cake, you can always ask me for butter cake instead....

1) sponge cake
- for weight approx. 1.0kg = RM55
2) butter cake
- for weight approx. 1.0kg = RM65

Experimenting - Peach cake (butter)

My family never really like non dairy cream. I guess they are so used to dairy cream when I made chocolate ganache. Anyhow, I still wanted to experiment working fresh cream for cake deco. So, with butter cake already baked and refrigerated, I made some puree out of the canned peach in syrup. Assembled and deco with fresh cream. The finishing is not done so great because I had guests in the house waiting to eat this hehe...

A couple days back was my dad's birthday. We have dinner plan that night. Just before we went out, I lit up a candle on the cake and we sang the birthday song for him. We all taste some and surprisingly all of them like it!! Yeay....Happy Birthday Bapak!!

Experimenting - Guitar for Faisal's birthday

I was browsing the internet for some cake deco ideas. I found this awesome website called simplecakedecorating. For the past few days, Waheeda and I were discussing on what to bake for Faisal's birthday. Emailed her the picture of the cake and we both agree to give a shot. Great! It was fun baking and decorating with her :) This is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream. Some royal icing and tidbids for deco. Happy birthday Faisal!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soccer ball cake for Oman

Is it soccer season already? Another challenge for me. First time trying a dome shaped cake. I made a soccer ball shaped cake for Nuuril's son. The background is the goal post...isn't it cute? Winky 2

I think it would be an interesting idea to have 2 flavored cake together. So, the base is butter vanilla cake and the ball is moist chocolate cake. Baked, assembled, frosted and decorated it with buttercream. I'm liking the details for the Soccer Ball and the grass. Tips that I got from a friend to get real black buttercream worked great. Thanks Waheeda! It's as simple as cocoa powder and black food colouring, of course.

Enjoy the cake Nuuril and Happy Birthday Oman!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chocolate Macaroons@Macarons

Some pronounce it as Macaron and some as French Macaroons. I've been searching the Internet for the best method and recipe for these adorable baked confections. Made some last week and my first try went pretty well. My macaroon shells have feet. Yeay! They look good and taste good too. This is the chocolate macaroons with ganache filling. Yummy! Will definitely try again to improvise...new flavors perhaps?

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