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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Experimenting - Guitar for Faisal's birthday

I was browsing the internet for some cake deco ideas. I found this awesome website called simplecakedecorating. For the past few days, Waheeda and I were discussing on what to bake for Faisal's birthday. Emailed her the picture of the cake and we both agree to give a shot. Great! It was fun baking and decorating with her :) This is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream. Some royal icing and tidbids for deco. Happy birthday Faisal!!


  1. Terima Kasih you guys!
    sehingga nanti..


    i wrote a song today
    about this cake.

    in the end everythings gonna be good
    for as long as u understood
    i hope its not going to be late
    i hope ull understand it soon
    i wish the best, the best for u

  2. Okeh suka!!!.. Guitar can be next for Oman 2nd Birthday.. hehe :)

  3. hehe..kotak je problem...kena cari the rectengular one :)