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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rich Pure Butter Cupcakes with Royal Icing

Cupcakes of lil Hafiy for 5th birthday. Ordered by his thoughtful aunt, Dirah. The theme was transportation. Dirah requested for bright colors and royal icing frosting. Happy birthday!! Glad to know that he loves it...
Birthday Candles
1) for 2.0" diameter (M) with royal icing
- set of 16 pcs = RM3.90 each
- set of 25 pcs = RM3.80 each

Hantaran perkahwinan 2

Wedding seasons are here. It's Haziq's big day. Congrats!
Bride & Groom

He asked me to bake apple cake for the hantaran. For deco, he wants it to be fondant and royal icing. Colour theme is yellow. So I decided to make heart shaped cake and decorate with roses, combining egg yellow and lemon yellow colours.

1) for 7" cake = RM150

Hantaran pertunangan 3

Another order for hantaran. This time it's cupcakes. Congratulations on the engagement of Huda & Muhammad.
Huda requested chocolate cupcakes with royal icing deco. It definitely taste better than buttercream. But it still depends on one's preference. It hardens after exposed to the air.

1) for 2.75" diameter (XL) with royal icing
- set of 9 pcs = RM5.00 each
- set of 16 pcs = RM4.90 each
- set of 25 pcs = RM4.80 each

Hantaran perkahwinan 1

Congratulations to Hafiz & Laila.
Valentine hand heart
This is a carrot cake, double layer with cream cheese filling in the center. Purple was the wedding theme. Buttercream was the medium to decorate the cake. First order after garduation from the Wilton method cake decorating.

1) for weight approx. 2.0kg = RM120

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

It's the final day of the course. After a total 8hrs of intensive classes, the assignment for graduation cake was up. Made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Again, mine is the only brown cake...yeay!

I had so much fun!! Hope to use the techiques for future orders from you guys out there!!

Cupcakes deco - buttercream

2nd day - time for cupcakes deco. Made blueberry cupcakes XL size. Techniques learnt and now is the time to put them into practice. These were some of the results.

Smiley Sunglasses

White Cake with Buttercream

This was the assignment for the 2nd day of the course. Made the cake at home and decorate it during the class. Decided to try new recipe called White Cake. Not much different from butter cake, except for no egg yolks in this recipe. Mine was the only blue cake hehe...just like to be adventurous a lil bit..
Birthday Party Blower

The Wilton Method Cake Decorating

Hello!! Just to share something here in the blog. Finally I have the chance (non-work related) to practice one of the the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by the famous Stephen R. Covey.

This should be the 7Th habit: Sharpen The Saw - one of the renewal & continual improvement, that is, of building one's personal production capability. To be effective
, one must find the proper balance between actually producing & improving one's capability to produce.

I just graduated from the first course for the The Wilton Method Cake Decorating in Dec 2009. I learnt few new techniques and also polished the skills and knowledge that I have. It was tiring but really fun. Next posts will be some of the finish products.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It's a moist double layer cake, using fresh grated carrots and almond nibs. This is the standard pattern I normally do. Creamy cheese frosting in the centre as well as the topping. Try it...you won't regret ;-)

1) for weight approx. 1.0kg = RM50

* bigger size will be considered upon request
* additional deco will be added upon request

Hantaran pertunangan 2

Congratulations on the engangement of Asri & Shikin. Received an order for the hantaran from Shikin. She requested the moist chocolate cake with ganache. Just a simple border and mini hearts for deco.